Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Xander's First birthday

For Xander's first birthday, we celebrated it with some good friends and my mom and sister! It was loads of fun~

Update on Josie

I thought I would update everybody. First off, thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. When I first was admitted to the hospital, it was because the fluid levels were at a 3, which they need to be at least a 10 to be considered normal. These levels led to baby Josie's head to become dolicephalic (narrow) because it was squished. She is also breech. The doctor felt that with the fluid levels being so low, I am very likely to have a preterm labor, and with her being breech, it greatly increases the chances of a prolapsed chord (delivery of the umbilical chord before baby, putting pressure on the chord cuts off oxygen to baby) meaning that if I went into labor, I could very well need an emergency c-section within 10 minuets. We live 45 miles from the nearest hospital with a NICU, so that is why I needed to stay there. Also, due to the low fluid levels, it is likely that Josie's lungs did not fully develop as they breathe in the fluid to "practice breathe" so that is still a concern and even if I make it to term will be delivering where there is a NICU. From the ultrasound that we had yesterday, the fluid levels have hit 10.4. just barely in the "normal range". Her head is also starting to round itself out a little. She is still breech, but now that she is bigger, the chances of a prolapsed chord are so much smaller. She is measuring about 3 weeks small, but grows at a steady pace. I was allowed to be discharged from the hospital last night and I am now at home planning on 6 weeks of relaxing and spending quality time with little Alexander. Once again, thanks for all the prayers! I will be putting up ultrasound pics soon!