Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday... We woke up and went downstairs and what did we find? A Easter Basket for Xander! Oh my!
He loves the lamb teddy that came with it.
We went to church.
Then we went to a duck pond (and forgot the camera), and fed some baby ducks and a HUGE swan. We then went on the river walk for a bit, and then to the park where Xander had a blast on the swings, and Scott almost destroyed me on the teeter totter!
It was a great family day together!
These are Xander's easter outfit pictures!

Daycare visit

They invited all parents to come and join the children for lunch at the daycare on April 10th. Unfortunatly, daddy could not escape work so it was just mommy and Xander. He is such a great eater. We had pizza, green beans, and pears.

Xander Paints

Xander was given a "homework assignment" at the daycare, and so here is the result. Yes he tried to eat the paint (non-toxic) and yes he was crying about the whole time because he was super tired...I still thought it was super cute to share though.

Woburn Safari

On the 4th of April, we went to a Safari! It was so amazing and SO much fun. The monkeys jumped on our car and we were within inches of hitting a Lion haha. We fed the wallabies and we rode on a boat and train. We even took some time and went on a jungle gym adventure with Jenn, Kamesha, Marie, and their families. It was a great day!