Friday, 22 May 2009

The trip over the Ocean

Due to some events, we took a trip back home to Utah from May 6-16. There was a lot of things to do and people to see in that very short amount of time. We made it happen though and were able to see all of our family before heading back over the ocean. Though the time wasn't a holiday or even a vacation, we did manage to have a lot of fun with our families. There was a lot of things we got to do including family dinners, one night of camping, swimming, and a LOT of eating out :) The below pictures are of our dinner at dad's house the last night we were there. It was a great time for us to see how all of the kids have grown so much.
Xander with Mommy.
Jessica with Peyton.
Ember with her boys Ashton and Cole.
Xander so cute crawling.
Xander with his Uncle Mike.

Halli, Peyton, and Xander in their Grandpa Benedict's ball pit.
Dad, Scott, Eve, and Mike.

Grandpa Benedict with Xander, Peyton, and Halli.
Xander, Peyton, Eve, Cole, Ashton, and Halli. All the kids...

Eve and Halli.
Dad, Kevin, Jeff, Scott, Katie, and Xander pants.

The boys... Just hanging out.

More of home

We went to Hollywood connections with Jeff, Jess, Peyton, and Dan. We rode all of the rides and had a blast on the bumper cars. We did a little mini golfing and then met up with Natalia for a tastey dinner and ice cream at Leatherbys.

This video had to be shared as it is one of the funniest things ever. Elizabeth LOVES playing with Xander. She would crawl around the couch and when he would least expect it, jump out and say "boo". Let's just say this time, it was a good thing he had a diaper on hahaha.

Camping While home

We went camping on the West side of Utah Lake with Christina's family, Jeff, Jessica, Peyton, Dan and Natalia. It was a blast. There were fires to be made and wood to be found. We all went four wheeling, even the babies. The boys and Jessica even went shooting bottles and cans. There was tons of son and lots of fun!!!

more of home

Elizabeth and Xander had the BEST time together.

We went swimming with Peyton and Jessica.

We also went swimming with Elizabeth.

Xander LOVES the swing!

This was our first time meeting Kevin.

Yes, mom won the arm wrestling with Katie...

It was so sweet seeing Papa Tadd reading to the kids.
Xander and Halli on the way out to eat.

more of home

This picture of Xander with Grandma Terri is just so cute, it HAD to be shared.

Here we are visiting Scott's Grandma and Grandpa Benedict.
Here are some pictures of us at Woodland park in Farmington.